1956 GMC Pickup

1956 GMC Pickup

The 1956 GMC Pickup came to us in need of a custom power steering setup as well as some interior work.  The owner of the GMC was having trouble steering the truck into tight places do to the manual steering. This project was a great test of what we can accomplish. We mounted a reverse steering box from a Dodge pickup onto a custom fabricated mount.  We not only custom mounted the steering box, but we also had to extend the pitman arm.  Once the steering was complete on the 1956 GMC Pickup we focused on making the interior quieter.  Dynamat provided us with all the products to quiet down the interior of the GMC.  The steering turned out perfectly and the truck is back on the road.

Project Details:

Bent Metal Customs


M. Hightower




Completed Projects

The GMC recieved a custom power steering setup. We repaired the exhaust and install rubber isolators to take away the interior vibration, as well as installed Dynamat and a new firewall insulator.