1969 Mercury Cougar

We received this 1969 Mercury Cougar from  the owner after it had been sitting since 1976.  The 1969 Mercury Cougar was in a heavy collision accident in ’76 and had not been driven since.  The extent of the metalwork on the Cougar was extreme.  Luckily, the owner still had the NOS quarter panels for the Cougar he had bought back in 1979.

The metalwork on the 1969 Mercury Cougar took a few weeks to complete and straighten.  We had to align all the panels on the Cougar to ensure the work was absolutely correct.  Everything on the 1969 Mercury Cougar was aligned and ready for body and paint work.  The car was painted the factory yellow and we had Gillin Design install the Vinyl top.  The owner and his son were in charge of the reassembly.

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