1970 Ford Bronco

The 1970 Ford Bronco classic car restoration was brought to us in early 2014. The Ford Bronco restoration involved extensive rust repair to the floor pan and quarter panel.  The rust repair was made easier by a full floor pan provided to us from Dynacorn. We also received quarter panels, and kick panels from Dynacorn. The 1970 Ford Bronco restoration was not a long project.  We handled all the metal fabrication on this project. we started the project by having the entire body media blasted.  the media blasting revealed all the flaws in the body. We squared and braced the 1970 Ford Bronco for removal of the floor. After the Dynacorn full floor was installed in this classic car restoration we repaired the front end.  The final tasks were to replace the outer rockers and the full quarter panels. the new fenders were mounted and the doors aligned before the quarter work started. We have completed all the metalwork on the 1970 Ford Bronco restoration at Bent Metal Customs. The bodywork and paint will come at a later date.


























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Project Details:

Justin Brunner


Massimo Dente




Completed Projects

The 1970 bronco will be getting new floor pans, toe boards, inner wheelhouses, kick panels, and roll cage supports. The Bronco will then be sealed and returned to the customer