1970 Ford Torino

1970 Ford Torino

This 1970 Ford Torino was a major rust bucket when we began the project. We had the entire Torino resurfaced at Atlas Media Blasting to show us where all the repairs were needed. We began with the floor pans.  Sectioning several pieces together to give us factory looking floor.  The results were great. You can barely recognize where the repairs were made. After the floors were complete on the 1970 Ford Torino we turned our attention to the cowl, and front aprons. We searched on the internet for weeks to locate a used cowl in great shape.  Once we found one and had it shipped we began rust repair in the upper aprons.  The metal fabrication took a few weeks to complete on the 1970 Ford Torino.  We also installed an Autoworks International front suspension kit on the Torino.  This project is now complete.  It will return at a later date for a 4 link setup and some body and paint work.

Project Details:

Bent Metal Customs


A. Dobson




Completed Projects

We completed all the metalwork on the Torino. We replaced all the floor pans, rad. support, battery apron, lower rear quaters on both sides, repaired the cowl which was in very bad shape, and the lower outer wheelhouses.. We also installed a Mustang II front suspension, and removed the shock towers.